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eyelash extentions

life Is Short Your Lashes Shouldn't be!

Eyelash Plucking

Classic Set

Classic eyelash extensions are for the client wanting more definition and length while still maintaining a natural look.Perfect for everyday!





Hybrid Set

A Hybrid set is a combination of a single lash and fan extensions. This look still appears natural with a little extra glamor and definition!





Volume Set

Its right in the name Volume! This look is great for weddings, prom or a special event! for many of my clients volume sets are there every day look.

If you want to stand out and shine this set is right for you!





All about lashes​!

At Micro Beauty Canada we use synthetic Mink Lashes to avoid any allergic reactions.

With their light and fluffy texture, they leave you with a beautiful natural look.

If drama is what you're looking for, try our Volume lashes! They give you that extra pop of glam! 

Tips and Tricks

Washing your lashes is a must! keeping a clean lash-line leads to healthier lashes.

Not washing your lashes can result in eye irritation and premature shedding.

A fill should be booked when you have 40% or more of your extensions left.

A full set can take up to 2.5 hours depending on your lash line.

Before and After ! Wow what a beautiful
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