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powder brows

Sculpt, Define, Empower

Eyebrow Treatment

Powder Brows are achieved through a fine stippling effect that dots the pigment to create a soft natural powder makeup look over your brow area.

I work with you to create  your desired shape and match your colour to your natural undertone.

Powder brows are a great way to highlight your natural features.


we'll work closely together to make sure we achieve the perfect color and shape for your brows.

I will work to ensure that your new brows look beautiful and effortless. Book your first session today and start your new brow journey with us!


 2-3 hour

COST: $450


 This  appointment is booked  4-6 weeks after your first appointment to go over any changes or additions you may want.

We address your healed results and send you home with your new brows!

1-2 hours

COST:  $150


This appointment is typically booked between 1-3 years depending on the client.

touch ups are booked when a clients brows are 50% or less faded.

In this appointment  we address any color fading or corrections needed and strengthen the shape of the brows brows 

1-3 hours

COST: $275

"At the Beauty Bar, we use all natural pigments and pride ourselves on professional sanitation practices."
-Stephanie Lacaria ,Owner and founder of MBC Beauty


Powder Brows also know as a Machine Brow is a Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo procedure.


This type of service is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their natural brows.

If you have no Eyebrows, this service can help you achieve the illusion of a light powdered makeup appearance.

We do this  by inserting pigment  into the upper layers of the skin in a light stipple effect.

We always strive to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking set of full eyebrows.

We work with you every step of the way to create the style you desire. 

Powder Brows are 2 session Procedure (4-6 weeks apart)

The length of the session can be up to 3 hours.

Powder Brows can last between 1-3 years, even longer for some clients.


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